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Test: Wyattcole05

Category: Relationship

Description: Gay test

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What would you do if your room mate asked to suck your cock?

Let him, out of curiosity **** him "Get the **** out!" Suck him Kiss him and tell him "some other time"

Last Q. If you friend says he's gay and that he wants an orgy, what do you do?

Say " **** you" Call all of the gay people you know and have a **** fest with ***, ****, ****, cocks and men Tell him you don't care whether he is gay or not but doesn't want an orgy "Not gay, do an orgy without me" "Hell no! We are doing this privately!"

Do you watch gay porn?

Yes No

Are you a virgin or did you have sex with a man?

Yes No

Did you get a boner during this test?

Yes No

you heard that your room mate was gay and you ignored it. Than you find a dildo on his desk... You put it away(wearing a glove or not, your choice) and than you here him in the shower. He asks for you to come in and help him with the soap (which wasn't in the shower) what do you do?

Politely give him his soap Ignore it Get the dildo and enter the bathroom, ready Go in and make him drop the soap(wink, wink) Ask him if he is gay

If you woke up with your friend naked next to you and your underwear pulled down, what do you do?

Walk away Wake him up and **** Go back to sleep Sit there Wake him up and demand answers

your friend(who is a male) gets in an accident and needs help with things for a month. He says how he cant function his arms right. He says he has to have help going to the bathroom, what do you do?

Ignore it Help him, politely Wipe his ass, smell it. Aim his ****, suck it. **** him Both of the last two

Would you suck a cock?

Yes No

How would you react if a male stripper came to your door and said he would dance for you?

**** him Let him come in "Get out!" Explain the mix up Ask who sent him

Do you think your gay?

Yes No