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Test: The Minecraft Quiz

Category: Video Games

Description: Try to identify these Minecraft characters

Keywords: minecraft zombie enderman pigman enderdragon skelaton

Relevant Website: http://www.minecraft.net

The Ender Dragon, pictured here, will destroy any block it comes into contact with the following exceptions:

Obsidian, End Stone, and Bedrock Sand, Sandstone, Dirt Stone, Cobblestone, Sapphire Gold, Diamond, Iron

What is this?

Herobrine Creeper Nether Ghast

What is this Minecraft villain?

Creeper Zombie Pigman Villager

Identify this Minecraft bad guy:

Wither Skeleton Bone-and-Arrow Skeleton Wither Ghast Skeletal Enderman

What is this Minecraft enemy?

Zombie Villager Zombie Snork Droopnose Villager Soul Harvester

What is this Minecraft creature?

Ghast Jellyfish Creeper Tentacle Head Wither Ghost

What is this enemy from Minecraft?

Wither Triple Face Pigman Ghast Burning Eye Reaper

What is this Minecraft enemy?

Zombie Creeper Herobrine Ghast

What is this Minecraft creature?

Silverfish Tribble Pillbug Block Beetle

What is the name of this Minecraft mob?

Blaze Inferno Soul Reaper Fire Walker

Which mob may spawn when a pig is struck by lightning?

Zombie Pigman Pork Skeleton Pighead Ghast Flash Enderman

What is this Minecraft creature?

Slime Green Cube Bouncy Egg Gooper

What is this Minecraft mob?

Witch Priest Heiress Pilgrim

What is this Minecraft character?

Skeleton Zombie Creeper Blaze

The Enderman will not attack unless provoked.

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Bedrock Creeper Minecraft Skin


Creeper Minecraft Skin