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Test: hard idiot test

Category: Trivia

Description: this is one of the tricky tests to do and finish.. can you finish it???????

Keywords: idiot test

Relevant Website: Some Tests.com

is the fastes animal in the world a cheetah?

Yes No

a cube has 12 sides?

Yes No

oilers made it to the play offs this year?

True False

which NHL hockey team won the staley cup two years ago?

Carolina Oilers Black Halks Boston

John a mac donald is the richest man in the world?

True False

do you like this test so far??

Yes No

lots of people have died from Swine Flu?

True False

is a colour green?

Yes No

what is the largest water animal in the world?

blue whale great white shark killer whale cheetah

is Bill Gates the one Who invented Microsoft?

Yes No


This is f**** dumb! What a waste of time...
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