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Test: The Apple iPhone Quiz

Category: Trivia

Description: How well do you know your iPhone Trivia?

Keywords: apple, iphone, smart phone, cell phone, ipod, music, itunes, trivia

Relevant Website: http://www.apple.com/iphone/

Apple has filed approximately ___ patents related to the iPhone

30 75 100 300

What is the name of the company that filed a law suit against Apple regarding the iPhone's visual voice mail feature?

Klausner Technologies Samsung Texas Instruments Deka Research & Development Corporation

Which U.S. Cell Phone provider was the first to carry the iPhone?

AT&T Cingular T-Mobile Sprint

The iPhone web browser is based on what browser engine?

Firefox Safari Internet Explorer Opera

The first generation iPhone has GPS capabilities.

True False

The Apple iPhone was named Time magazine's Invention of the Year in 2007

True False

It is estimated that the iPhone research and development costs totaled approximately

150 Million Dollars 1.5 Billion Dollars 45 Million Dollars 450 Million Dollars

When the iPhone was first released, it was available with

4 GB and 8 GB flash drives 8 GB and 16 GB flash drives an 8 GB flash drive a 16 GB flash drive

What is the megapixel rating of the first generation iPhone camera?

2 megapixels 4 megapixels 1 megapixel 3 megapixels

The iPhone browser supports rendering Flash applets.

True False

The screen resolution of the first iPhone is

320×480 pixels 240×320 pixels 640×480 pixels 800×600 pixels

The SIM card slot is located where on the iPhone?

At the Top At the Bottom On the Left On the Right

Which company did Apple team up with to provide their iPhone Map software offering?

Google Microsoft MapQuest Yahoo

What was the first wide area data network that the iPhone was compatible with?


What primary language does the first iPhone SDK primarily support?

Objective C C++ Rational C Java

The iPhone can connect to WiFi hotspots.

True False

What type of touch screen technology is used with the iPhone?

Multi-Touch Stylus Capacitive Touchscreen Pressure Sensitive Touchpad Resistance Based Multi-Touch

An iPhone owner can easily replace the iPhone's lithium battery.

True False


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