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Test: Test of Life

Category: Trivia

Description: If you Fail this quiz, you will DIE!!!!! (not really)


How old is u?

20 46 500 IDK

Why are you taking this test? (more than 1 answer)

I clicked the "Random Test" button Fate Made Me IDK Because I wanted to Your Mom

Choose a "special number" (could be more than 1 answer)

1 2 3 4


ummmmmm... cth-yeeeeaaahhh umm... MONKEYS!!!!!!

Pick another "special number"

8 i

pic yet another "special number"

57960279 16777216 63957291 57583820


Question Question Question Question

Did you get the last question right?

Yes No Maybe IDK

How many Questions have there been so far (excluding this one)

4 5 6 7


ummmmmm... ummmmmmmmmmmm.... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!


This test ****ing sucked.