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Test: Is a beagle right for you ??

Category: Trivia

Description: Quiz,is a beagle the right breed for you,

Keywords: Quiz questions

Do you want a loud dog that barks a lot

I HATE IT all I want is peace and quite It's ok but I don't like it that loud I ?????? when dogs bark I don't mind if they are loud

What out door space do you have

I live in a apartment but I have a LARGE park next door I live in a apartment and have no garden I live in a house with a LARGE garden I live in a house with no garden but a park next door

Would you walk your beagle all the time

Yes defrientely all the time every day NO ewwww I hate out doors I would but not all the time Only in the summer

How old are your kids

Younger then 5 Older then 10 13 and over I don't have kids

This is the last question DO YOU LIKE BEAGLES

They are ok but I don't really have time because I'm at work a lot of the time I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY IM DOING THIS QUIZ I HATE DOGS YES YES YES YES I love them so much I really want one

Do you have another dog

Yes No

How big do you want your dog to be

TINY I hate big dogs Medium Medium to large LARGE I want a massive dog

Do you like dogs that are very hyper

NO I want a very calm dog It gets a bit annoying when dogs are very jumpy and hyper YES YES YES I love it when they are hyper and love running around

What kind of habitat do you live in

House Apartment Other