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Test: Is a beagle right for you ??

Category: Trivia

Description: Quiz,is a beagle the right breed for you,

Keywords: Quiz questions

How old are your kids

Younger then 5 Older then 10 13 and over I don't have kids

This is the last question DO YOU LIKE BEAGLES

They are ok but I don't really have time because I'm at work a lot of the time I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY IM DOING THIS QUIZ I HATE DOGS YES YES YES YES I love them so much I really want one

How big do you want your dog to be

TINY I hate big dogs Medium Medium to large LARGE I want a massive dog

What out door space do you have

I live in a apartment but I have a LARGE park next door I live in a apartment and have no garden I live in a house with a LARGE garden I live in a house with no garden but a park next door

Do you like dogs that are very hyper

NO I want a very calm dog It gets a bit annoying when dogs are very jumpy and hyper YES YES YES I love it when they are hyper and love running around

Would you walk your beagle all the time

Yes defrientely all the time every day NO ewwww I hate out doors I would but not all the time Only in the summer

What kind of habitat do you live in

House Apartment Other

Do you have another dog

Yes No

Do you want a loud dog that barks a lot

I HATE IT all I want is peace and quite It's ok but I don't like it that loud I ?????? when dogs bark I don't mind if they are loud