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Test: Composition and Structures of the Earth

Category: Trivia

Description: This excersice describes where and what the earth is divided up into what it is.

Keywords: physical layers of the earth, crust, mantle, lithosphere, athenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, inner core, tectonic plates, plate tectonics

Relevant Website: www.science.com

Mid-Ocean are associated with which type of boundary?

transform lithosphere divergent convergent

What are the three possible causes of tectonic plate motions?

slab pull ridge push faulting convection

What is the part of the earth thats liquid?

mantle outer core crust

WHat are the two types of crust that make up the lithosphere?

continental crust baby crust crust oceanic crust

What type od device has allowed scientists to learn more about the inside of the earth?

telescopes pangaea thicker seismographs

What is the layer of earth where life is possible?

crust mantle core

What do scientist measure the rate at which tectonic plates move?

compass using a GPS stopwatch digital camera

Based on composition, what is the outermost layer of the earth?

core crust mantle inner core outer core

What is the solid dense center of the Earth called?

inner core outer core core crust


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