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Test: driving practice

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as a pedestrian, making eye contact with a driver:

assures you it is safe to cross does not assure you of a safe crossing is not necessary to cross

if you lend your car to an unlicensed driver:

you will be arrested your car may be impounded for 30 days you will be given a citation

pedestrians are not permitted:

on any toll bridge or highway crossing without a sidewalk at an uncontrolled intersection at a controlled intersection

when walkingwhere there is no sidewalk:

walk facing oncoming traffic no legal wwalking here walk with traffic going your way

no matter your age, you need....to drive a car:

a valid license or permit medical information card a valid ca. identification card

as a pedestrian, if you step out in front of a car and get hit:

the driver will be cited the drivers at fault the law wont help you

when a pedestrian is at an uncontrolled intersection,drivers are required to:

yeild the right-of-way only at a marked crosswalk yeild the right-of-way to pedestrians yeild the right-of-way only in an unmarked crossswalk

to obtain an original i.d card you:

only need a birth certificate need your ss# & birth date/legal presence verification only need a social security card

as a pedestrian, yeild the right-of-way to vehicles when:

you are "jaywalking" across the street a "walk"sign is flashing, no car in intersection you cross/walk at intersection that are not marked

when learning to drive:

you can go to a non-licensed school seek qualified instruction from a public or private school learn from a relative


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