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Test: Hawaiian Culture

Category: Travel

Description: Language, Traditions, Music, Life Style, and etc..

Keywords: culture religion tradition language pacific music life style maui honolulu oahu polynesia kamehameha sovereign nation

Relevant Website: wehewehe.org

America invaded Hawaii, overthrew our _______, placed our ______ under House ________ in her own _________.

Culture, people, arrest, homes Monarchy, Queen, Arrest, Palace Government, King, Suspension, Tipi Traditions, Chief, arrest, kingdom

The Hawaiian word, Malama can be translated to what English word:

Thank You Family No Care

Along with the Main Hawaiian Islands, are the North Western Hawaiian Islands (NWHI)

True False

There were _____ people in the Kamehameha dynasty.

1 3 5 8

Who was the last reigning monarch of Hawaii?

Pauahi Ka'ahumanu Liliu'okalani Kalakaua

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Yes No

The English word, Love, can be translated to what Hawaiian word:

Malama Kokua Aloha Imua

What famous act is King Kamehameha the Great best known for?

Rank Uniting Hawaii Traveling The Great Chant

Are you Hawaiian or have a relative with Hawaiian Blood?

Yes No

There are six main Hawaiian islands.

True False

By 2044, it's predicted that there will be no Pure Hawaiians left.

True False

Should Hawaii be removed as being the 50th State?

Yes No Get rid of all Hawaiians and take the Lands Help the Hawaiians and save their lands


Mahalo means thank you. Malama means care.
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