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Test: test of idiocy

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: people test how much of an idiot they are


if you were given a choice between 50 yen and 1 dollar what would you take

50 yen 1 dollar what is a yen i would kill you and take it all

do alternate universes exist

um yeah i guess of course not are you insane yes but only on tuesdays wait you are a tranuniveresal travler aren't you

are you annoyed at me for not putting in a question mark

Yes No

if you divide 6 by 1/3 then add 4 what is the answer

6 duh crap i cant find my calculator hmmm 22 i haven't learned division yet

are you male or female

male female what do YOU think i am

you consider yourself an idiot

True False

do people call you stupid

yes no

if a man's widow shoots him should he divorce her

Yes No only if he can afford the lawyer well he cant

do you surround yourself with people dumber than you

Yes No

why did you take this test

so borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred i just wanted to know how smart i was why did you want to know you stawlker wait what this is a test


Test Of Idiocy


Of Idiocy