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Test: are you gay?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: are you gay?


Jefferey are you gay?.. thats y you took the test right?


how do u know if you are gay?

i pee straight i invite only guys to my parties i have posters of brittany spears on my bedroom wall im emo

do you like men?

Yes No

do u like men?

True False

do u like the opposite sex of females than males?

True False

why did you take this test?

to see if im gay cuz i am gay imma bisexual im UBER GAY

do you only part with

girls? guys? granny? all the above? all the above but granny?

what about women?

Yes No

why do you like girls?

they smell good they can suck a big ****ing cock they like it hard in the ass cuz they are lesbos

jefferey, If you are taking this test.. that Means you are THE GAYEST PERSON OUT THERE ALIVE

True True


Wow this sux... "The real gay test" by nyvez is sooo much better lol Dude this test is gay lol You're a big gigantic tool. Lurn2spellz lol. Q
Are You Gay Test


You Gay Test