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Test: are you janet enough

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: see if you can meet up to to rigorous expectations to be like the amazing janet elizabeth


sleeping pants? or pajamas?

what? hells yeah! sleeping pants! pajamas ....

do you hate valentine and his creepy self?

Yes No

is this little icon guy in the corner of the screen bothering you?

Yes No

do you run out of the way when you see the ****us coming?

no, i run to it what? hell yeah, i wanna live longer then this! hahahah merve

does meredth suck at slapping peoples arms?

Yes No

how many people does it take to put a clock on upside down

well, if youre dealing with allen and merve...about 35 um..one? haha allen fell fail

penguins are awesome!

True False

youre a jerk

aww, thats not nice :( call me jerk one more time youre a jerk i know

does merve has sweaty hands?

ewww man! yucky! no, shes just sexy yeah, this one time i gave hr a high five... gross! merve wears hooker earrings? what?

foam soap is awesome!

True False

do you enjoy eating pizza with walruses?

Yes No

miley and hannah are the same thing

True False

chicken and cheddar biscuits rock!

Yes No

least favorite kids show

wiggles elmo blues clues baby einstien

Do you think that book over there is heavy?

no, i work work out every day o my gah yes! well, i wouldnt its over there..im not holding it idk lets drop it on merves head and see