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Test: Which dog are you?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: Well, which dog are you. Pretty self explanitory

Keywords: dog quiz

Relevant Website: www.ultimatedogquiz.com

What would you play with?

Any type of ball. We can play fetch. A small chew toy. Small enough to sit on the couch with. A little bone so me and my family can play tug o war A fake dog gun. Shoot bad guys.

Hut! Hut! Sports! What is your first thought?

Yeah! I always love a good game. No way! I never play sports. I am too cute. Well, only if I feel like it. If it involves chasing bad guys.

Do you like grooming yourself?

Of course! I am getting my hair done right now. Only when I need it. Not really. I like going out normal On average. I am not a hair person.

Are you good with kids?

Of course! They are so fun and energetic. Sure. They are okay. Only if I am around them. No. I eat kids. They look like mini bad guys.

A stranger walks by. Will you attack?

I might just bark No. I am too busy being cuddled to do that. Maybe. I will be on caution Yes. Chasing bad guys is fun.


100%? What does that mean in 'which dog are you?'