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Test: The REAL gay quiz

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: The only real quiz to see if your gay.


Do you think gay guys get turned on by they're own *****?

Yes No Maybe What the ****?

Did you realize I spelled Ryan Seacrest's name wrong?

Yes No

Do you watch American Idol?

Yes No

Truth or Dare?

Truth Dare

Do you like the sport Parkour?

Yes No

Do you have a lisp?

Yes No

Have you ever stuck your finger up your butt?

**** no! Multiple times.

Do you make your parents buy you ****?

Yes No

Would you rather wear..

Baggy jeans Tight jeans (cause im emo) Tight jeans (cause they're badass) Normal jeans

Do you think Ryan Seecrest is hot?

Yes No

Do you have flippy hair over your face?

Yes No

Do you like Pussy?

Yes Ew, no.

Why are you taking this quiz?

Im bored Im proving im not gay Im trying to prove im not gay Waitin for message on myspace

Are you gay?

Yes No

Do you go to Starbucks often?

Yes No

Do you think your gay?

Yes No

Are you..

Fat? Belimic? Skinny? Just right?

Pick a number.

1 2 3 4

Do you tell people that you can do things that you can't? (ex. saying that you can do a kickflip but you cant)

Yes No

Do you like Techno?

Yes No


Um. Stupid quiz based on stupid stereotypes. uhm. how do i tell if im gay or not? lol. thanks for the info
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