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Test: Test how much you know about Kira!

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: Answer multiple choice questions and see how much you know about me!


I like the wear the jersey number 38 because:

I was born at 8:38 My favoirte numbers are 3 and 8 Victor Oreskovich wears that number I believe I will win the lottery when I'm 38

Who did I like on Americas Got Talent?

Team I-Luminate The Siloets Landel Eugine Murphy Jr Pop Life

Another sport I played outside of highschool was:

Baseball Soccer Lacrosse Feild Hockey

One thing I want to do before I die is:

Ride a cow Go to Japan Eat shark soup Skinny dip

What do I do that some people may consider weird?

Say meow instead of hello Walk out of a room backwards yelling "beep beep beep" Don't kill bugs, I pick them up and put them outside Sing the batman theme song when I play hockey

What can I not stand the smell of?

Gasoline Coffee Cows Vinegar

Where do I currently live?

Belleville Carrying Place Trenton Toronto

If I could make one major change in the world I would:

End homelessness and feed the hungry Plant endless amounts of trees Cure arthritis Give everyone endless amounts of money

I afraid of:

getting taller and not being able to get on rides at wonderland speaking in public and having my pants fall down big dogs and animals that bite flying in an airplane and confined spaces

One of the dumbest things I have ever done is:

Believed I won a million dollars after opening a spam email Bumped my nose off of a bird bath when I was putting in garden soaker hoses Road a horse across the 401

I am known for being the first female to ever:

get in a fight in a mens professional hockey game never wear a dress do the bungie jump at Canadas Wonderland register a point in a mens professional hockey game

My eyes are:

Brown Green Blue

My nickname is Binky because:

I liked the character from the cartoon Aurthor I used a binky until I was five I couldn't pronounce that my name was "Pinky" in a play when I was younger I coined the term to describe how a puck sounds when it hits off two posts in hockey

If I could have any dog it would be a:

Standard Poodle Newfoundlander St. Brenard Golden Retriever

Who are my favorite goalies?

Brodeur and Niemi Brodeur and Luongo Brodeur and Miller Brodeur and Thomas