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Test: How well do you know me?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: How well do you know me?

Keywords: tests, quiz

What state was I born in?

Indiana Arizona Tennessee Montana

Am I a vegetarian?

Yes No

How many sports do I play?

Three Two One None, I hate to play sports

What is my favorite color?

Blue Red Green Purple Black Silver

Am I left handed?

Yes No

Am I over 20 years old?

Yes No

What month was I born in?

April July October January December May

What is my favorite sport?

Football Baseball Basketball Tennis

What is my favorite breed of dog?

German Shepherd Pug Poodle Great Dane

Am I over 40 years old?

Yes No

How many Languages (besides english) do I speak?

At the moment, none One Two Four

Am I black?

Yes No

Do I like cats more than dogs?

Yes No

What is my natural hair color?

blonde red black brown

Am I very athletic?

Yes No

What color are my eyes?

blue green brown

Am I over 30 years old?

Yes No


i know him but not very well
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