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Test: How well do you know KML9876?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: Trivia/Test about KML9876


Relevant Website: http://www.cakestobake.com

KML9876 went to this college?

State University of New York at Potsdam Clarkson University State University of New York at Canton State University of New York at Oneonta

KML9876 has a birthday in this month?

September October November August

KML9876 graduated high school in what year?

1995 1994 1999 1996

KML9876 graduated high school from this city and state?

Hoosick Falls, NY Potsdam, NY Westbrook, ME Albany, NY

KML9876 is an only child?

True False

KML9876 has a favorite seafood, what is it?

Lobster Shrimp Oystrers Scallops

KML9876 has this many siblings?

3 2 1 0 She is an only child

KML9876 has this many dog(s)?

2 0 this is a trick question 1 3

KML9876 was born in this state?


KML9876 is left handed?

True False

KML9876 was married on ?

July 17, 2004 July 10, 2004 July 17, 2003 July 10, 2003

KML9876 has blue eyes?

True False

What did KML9876 major in while attending college?

Anthropology/Elementary Education Anthropology Computer Science Psychology/Elementary Education

KML9876 is pregnant?

True False


Kml9876 True Or False Birthday Questions


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