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Test: How much do you know about me?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: How much do you know about me?


Am I left handed?

Yes No

Am I very athletic?

Yes No

Was I born before the year 1995?

That wasn't an accident, the answer is correct. I was born in December 1995. Yes No

Am I male or female?

Male Female

Am I black?

Yes No

How many languages do I speak? (Besides English)

None One Two Three Four

What's my favorite color?

Blue Red Green Pink Black Silver

Am I a vegetarian?

Yes No

What is my favorite sport?

Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Other

What state was I born in?

Tennessee Washinton Indiana California

What month was I born in?

December August March September

How many sports do I play?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer 5 4 3 2 1 None, Hate Playing Sports

What's my favorite breed of dog?

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Chihuahua St. Bernard

What color are my eyes?

Steel Blue Green Brown Grey

What color is my hair?

Blonde Brown Black Red

What is my IQ?

I may be a blonde, but I am not dumb!!! 143 100 on the dot Lower than a peanut 127 Forget Einstein, I'm the braniac! HA HA HA!!!

Name one of my three backgrounds.

I am mostly German, then British, then Irish. German British Irish Scottish Jewish Israeli Dutch