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Test: How much do you know about me?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: How much do you know about me?


How many languages do I speak? (Besides English)

None One Two Three Four

Was I born before the year 1995?

That wasn't an accident, the answer is correct. I was born in December 1995. Yes No

Am I male or female?

Male Female

What color is my hair?

Blonde Brown Black Red

What is my favorite sport?

Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Other

Am I left handed?

Yes No

What state was I born in?

Tennessee Washinton Indiana California

What month was I born in?

December August March September

Am I a vegetarian?

Yes No

Name one of my three backgrounds.

I am mostly German, then British, then Irish. German British Irish Scottish Jewish Israeli Dutch

Am I very athletic?

Yes No

What's my favorite color?

Blue Red Green Pink Black Silver

How many sports do I play?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer 5 4 3 2 1 None, Hate Playing Sports

What's my favorite breed of dog?

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Chihuahua St. Bernard

What color are my eyes?

Steel Blue Green Brown Grey

Am I black?

Yes No

What is my IQ?

I may be a blonde, but I am not dumb!!! 143 100 on the dot Lower than a peanut 127 Forget Einstein, I'm the braniac! HA HA HA!!!