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Test: How cool are you?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: How much cool are you?

Keywords: How cool are you Mr.cool Are you cool gangsta

Are you cool?

Hell yes, I'm the most popular guy around! Yup, very cool. Cool indeed. Maybe... No, I'm just the guy around... I'm a nerd!

Do you still laugh at you friend's jokes even if it's extremely corny?

Hell no, that's why it is corny! No, not funny. Might giggle to cover the joke... Yes, it's funny!

If you are invited into a party, will you go?

Sure, party time! Yeah, but I will ask my parents first. Maybe, If my parent's will allow me. No, I might get bullied...

What kind of people would you likely hang out with?

The Good Ol' Nerds The Average Guys The Showoff Guys The Boastful Guys

If you caught up with a fight with the most popular guy in school, how would you fight with him?

I'm the most popular guy in school. I'd beat him up quick. I'll try to defend. I don't wanna fight him.

If you just lost a friend, how would you feel?

I have tons of friends with me. I still have friends. Might be a loss... NOOOOOO!

Do you fight back to bullies?

Yes, just to not bully me again. Yeah, I become the bully. No, I'm too scared.