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Test: How Merve Are You???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: Merve is awesome, see if you are too....


Do you like Hannah Montana?

Yes No

What is your favorite Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus song?

The Climb Party in the USA He Could Be the One Tupac's Thug Love Butterfly Fly Away

Do you ever shut up?

Yes No

Can you spell?

Yes No

Can you spell Merve?

Yes No

What is Otis?

He is an elevator. He is Milo's best friend. He is Salvador's best friend, the penquin. Over the inside sexuality

Are you in love with foam hand sanitizer?

Yes No

Do you like to annoy Patrick?

Yes No

Do you speak Spanglish?

Yes No

What does bisexual mean?

You like buffalo poon poon. You have two STDs. You have rabies. You like it dirty both ways.

Are you a sponge?

Yes No

Which way do you roll according to the "Scaight-up **** Test"?

Bisexual Straight Gay To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left......

Does Isabelle think you look like Brett Dennen?

Yes No

Are you Lil' Wayne's love child?

Yes No


baha, i took thissss. but it didnt tell me how merve i am. but it's gucci. i love youuuuuu. -slim jim oh myy gaahhh, merve your name so totally rocks. i am going to stalk you in the near future. you seem so fricken cool! loves ya! this is stupid... merve, go stick your head in a hole. -sebastian.