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Test: The random test.

Category: Test Sandbox

Description: Random questions for the randon person.


Do you like French Toast?

Yeah we like French Toast! What's a French toast? Eww. Durrh?

Who are you?

Someone No-one A person Durrh.

Do you like waffles?

Yeah we like waffles! What's a waffle? Waffles are yuck. Durrh.

If a rooster layed an egg, which way would it roll?

Left. Right. There was no egg. Durrh.

Up your butt with a...

Coconut. Banana. Mouse. Durrh?


Durrh. What? Eh? Wierdo...

Do you like pancakes?

Yeah we like pancakes! What's a pancake? Pancakes are lame too. Durrh.

1 + 9 x 872 - 1184 x 2.5 - 7.21 x 9 = ?

169495.11 841422.63 362784.55 Durrh.

What are you doing here?

Dunno. Fapping. :D Doing a test. Durrh.


what kind of questions are these?