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Test: The random test.

Category: Test Sandbox

Description: Random questions for the randon person.


Do you like French Toast?

Yeah we like French Toast! What's a French toast? Eww. Durrh?

Who are you?

Someone No-one A person Durrh.

1 + 9 x 872 - 1184 x 2.5 - 7.21 x 9 = ?

169495.11 841422.63 362784.55 Durrh.

What are you doing here?

Dunno. Fapping. :D Doing a test. Durrh.

Do you like pancakes?

Yeah we like pancakes! What's a pancake? Pancakes are lame too. Durrh.

Do you like waffles?

Yeah we like waffles! What's a waffle? Waffles are yuck. Durrh.

Up your butt with a...

Coconut. Banana. Mouse. Durrh?


Durrh. What? Eh? Wierdo...

If a rooster layed an egg, which way would it roll?

Left. Right. There was no egg. Durrh.


what kind of questions are these?