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Test: California DMV Written Test

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Description: California Written Practice Test


When approaching a crosswalk where a blind pedestrian is waiting to cross, you must stop:

More than five feet from the crosswalk so the pedestrian will not be distracted by the sound of your engine At the crosswalk and wait for the pedestrian to cross the street At the crosswalk and then tell the pedestrian when to cross the street

If your cell phone rings while you are driving and you do not have a hands-free device, you should:

Answer the call because it may be an emergency Let the call go to voice mail Check the incoming number before answering the call

When you enter traffic from a stop (ex: pulling away from the curb),you:

Should drive slower than other traffic for 200 feet Need a large enough gap to get up to the speed of traffic Should wait for the first vehicle to pass

At night, if an oncoming vehicle fails to dim its high beams, look:

Toward the center of the roadway Toward the right edge of your lane Straight ahead of your lane

You are driving in the far right lane of a multilane freeway. A line of five cars is merging into your lane ahead from an on-ramp. You:

Must maintain your speed and position Must slow down to let the other vehicles merge Have the legal right-of-way, but should make room for the merging vehicles, if possible

If there are two solid yellow lines in the center of the roadway, you:

May cross the lines to turn left into a private drive way Are on a two-lane one-way street Should treat the lines as a solid wall and not cross for any reason

If five or more vehicles are following you on a narrow two-lane road:

Move to the right side of your lane and drive slowly Pull off the road when it is safe and let them pass Continue driving because you have the roght-of-way

Even if you know your vehicle can maneuver a sharp curve at the legal speed limit, you should still slow down because:

You must legally drive below the speed limit on sharp curves The strong inward pull on your vehicle can be dangerous There may be a stalled car or accident that you can't see

When sharing the road with a light rail vehicle, you:

May not drive in the lane next to the light rail vehicle Should monitor all traffic signal closely because they can change for the light rail vehicle May turn in front of an approaching light rail vehicle at an uncontrolled intersection

You may legally drive in any freeway carpool lane if:

All the other lanes are stopped with heavy traffic You carry the minimum number of persons shown on the sign It is between the hours 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Which of the following requires a child passenger restraint system?

A six-year old weighing 60 pounds A five-year old weighing 55 punds A five-year old weighing 65 punds

When driving in traffic at night on a dimly lit street, you should:

Drive slowly enough so you can stop within the area lighted by your headlights Turn on your high beam headlights to better see the vehicles directly ahead of you Keep instrument lights bright to be more visible to other drivers

You must yield to a pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog:

Only when a guide dog is leading a person across the street Only when the pedestrian is obeying traffic controls At all times

When roads are slippery, you should:

Avoid making fast turns and fast stops Pump your brakes to test the traction of your tires Decrease the distance that you look ahead of your vehicle

Cargo extending more than four feet from your rear bumper:

Is illegal under all cir***stances Must be marked with a red flag or lights Does not legally have to be marked, but it is a good idea

If it starts to rain on a hot day, the road is the most slippery:

For the first few minutes After it has been raining for a few hors After it has stopped raining

Driving slowly in front of traffic in the far left (fast) lane on any freeway:

Can frustrate other drivers and make them angry Cannot result in traffic citation Saves lives by causing others to slow down too

You are entering a freeway. You should check traffic by:

Looking over your shoulder Using the inside and outside mirrors only Checking all mirrors and turning your head

If you are towing another vehicle or trailer on a freeway with four lanes in your direction, you may travel in:

Any of the traffic lanes in your direction Either of the two right lanes The far right lane only

You should dim your lights for oncoming vehicles or when you are within 300 feet of a vehicle:

You are approaching from behind Approaching you from behind You have already passed

You are required to wear your safety belt in a moving vehicle unless:

The vehicle was manufactured before 1975 You are riding in the back of a pickup/camper The vehicle is not equipped with safety belts

Solid yellow lines separate:

Traffic lanes on one-way streets Bicycle lanes from regular traffic Vehicles traveling in opposite directions

Large truck are most likely to lose speed and cause a hazard:

On long, gradual curves Going up long or steep hills Going down long gradual hills

It is illegal for a person 21 years of age or older to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is:

0.10%--One tenth of one percent 0.08%--Eight hundreths of one percent 0.05%--Five hundreths of one percent

The "three-second rule" applies to the space _____ of your vehicle:

In back Ahead To the sides

Always look carefully for motorcycles before changing lanes because:

Their smaller size makes them harder to see They usually have the right-of-way at intersections It is illegal for motorcycles to share traffic lanes

Generally speaking, you are in a large truck's blind spot if you:

Drive close to the large truck's left front wheel Can not see the truck driver in the truck's side mirrors Follow no closer than ten feet behind the large truck

Who has the right-of-way at an intersection with no crosswalks?

Pedestrians always have the right-of-way Vehicles, but they should slow down and be careful Pedestrians, but only with the green "WALK" signal

You must notify DMV within 5 days if you:

Are cited for a traffic violation Sell or transfer your vehicle Paint your vehicle a different color

When is it legal to use a cell phone without a hands-free while driving?

When making a call while stopped at a red light When making a call for emergency assistence Never

Before driving into an intersection from a stop, you should look:

Left and right only Straight ahead and to the left Left, right, and left again

Parking is NEVER permitted:

In a crosshatched (diagonal) pattern space Twenty feet from a railroad track In a bicycle lane, unless otherwise posted

If you are unable to see the road ahead while driving because of heavy fog and your wipers do not help, you should:

Slow down and continue driving Turn on your high beams and continue driving Pull off the road completely until visibility improves

When driving a vehicle with airbags, you are safest when seated:

At least ten inches away from the steering wheel Within 6 1/2 inches of the steering wheel With your head positioned directly above the steering wheel

To see vehicles in your blind spots, you must look:

Over your shoulders In your side mirrors In your inside rearview mirror

Smoking inside a vehicle when a person younger than 18 years of age is present is:

Legal, if it is your child Illegal at all times Not restricted by law


if you want to see the results there's a little arrow in the top saying CHECK YOUR ANSWERS. AINT NO RESULTS THIS SHYT SUX I agree with Heisershouse's comment regarding" if five cars are following you on a two lane road you should pull over when it is safe and let them pass" IF FIVE CARS ARE FOLLOWING YOU ON A TWO LANE ROAD YOU SHOUL;D PULL OVER WHEN IT IS SAFE AND LET THEM PASS I THINK YOUR ANSWER WAS WRONG YOU SAY CONTINUE DRIVING BECAUSE HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY WTF i took my sweet time and no RESULT! UGHH >___< alot of these questions were in my test.. I faild all 3 times.. But im going to take mine again for the 4th time and these test do help me study some of the answers are not right like for instance 22 23 27 This is very helpful if you had time to read the DMV practice book, then you would know that this is accurate This is very helpful if you had time to red the DMV you would know that this is acurrate. this wa s biggest bs i ever read get this off the net not all the answers are correct, at least some of them do contradict the contents of the driver's handbook. this was of no help! as i cudn't see the correct answers. man this is all bs some were in the test but some is all bs I don't think some of these questions are correct! These tests leave out quite of bit of what some of the questions really are in the test. Some of these questions are really in the 2010 california written test for your permit. I failed it the first time, and I would say 85% of the questions I just took from these tests were in the one I didnt pass. Id say 30/36 questions are in the test I took. Are these tests efficient? cuz sum of the answers they provide seem to be effen bs. Stupid test. wtf wakk after redoing the test and correcting the answeres to yours, mine were right the first time. what gives? I would like to see my results of the teast
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