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Test: the spongebob test

Category: TV

Description: do you know Spongebob?

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9. Where does Spongebob work?

at a science lab. at the musium. at the krusty krab. at a bakery.

1. What is Spongebob?

a banana. a sponge. a box. a starfish.

6. What color is Squidward?

blue. green. pink. purple.

8. Plankton has 1 antenna.

True False

2. Spongebob has a snail named Larry.

True False

3. How many spots does Gary the snail have on his shell?

1. 100. 8 5

7. What is Purl?

a dolphin. a shark. a whale. a sword fish.

5. Patrick star wheres blue shorts.

True False

4. Is Spongebob yellow?

Yes No

10. do you like Spongebob Squarepants?

Yes No