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Test: the spongebob test

Category: TV

Description: do you know Spongebob?

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4. Is Spongebob yellow?

Yes No

7. What is Purl?

a dolphin. a shark. a whale. a sword fish.

1. What is Spongebob?

a banana. a sponge. a box. a starfish.

8. Plankton has 1 antenna.

True False

2. Spongebob has a snail named Larry.

True False

5. Patrick star wheres blue shorts.

True False

6. What color is Squidward?

blue. green. pink. purple.

3. How many spots does Gary the snail have on his shell?

1. 100. 8 5

10. do you like Spongebob Squarepants?

Yes No

9. Where does Spongebob work?

at a science lab. at the musium. at the krusty krab. at a bakery.