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Test: The Ultimate Spongebob Test

Category: TV

Description: Only Spongebob's #1 fan can get a 100 on this!

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Where dies Spongebob live?

103 Bikini Bottom lane 124 Conch street 101 Reef road 566 Shell road

Where does Mr. Krabs live?

the intersection of Conch and Coral 256 Rusty road 213 Bikini Bottom lane 3541 Anchor way

What does the employee of the month always do?

block of led in hat close relationship with his boss a picture of his boss a clean work area

What is the first thing that Patrick touches in the Bi-Annual Jellyfish convention?

State of the art Jellyfishing nets The rusty anchor Dr. Man O War's boil Kevin the cu***ber

Who is one of the animation directors?

Mr. Lawrence John Kenny Sean Dempsey Paul Tibbit

What are the answers of the oral part of the boating test? The hardest question of them all!

bow, stern, yield, stop, engine, deck, crow's nest, captain's quarters, 1924 start the boat bow, stern, starboard, skipper, cabin, deck, dally , field, 1924 bow, stern, sail, motor, engine, anchor, 1924

Is Squidward's parents ever in the show?

no Yes, but only his dad Yes, but only his mama yes

Who is one of the writers of the show?

Tom Kenny Rodger Paul Tibbit Mr. Lawrence

How much does it cost to have bubble lessons?

1 dollar a bubble wand 25 cents 1 weenie hut junior dollar

What kind of dog does Plankton have?

Worm Labrador Jack Russel Terrier Plankton dog

Who were/are all of Spongebob's pets?

Gary Gary, Snelly, and Rock Gary, Larry, Jerry, Rex, Mystery, and a jellyfish Gary, Larry, Wormy, Lightning Larry, Mystery, and Max

Who is the voice of Patrick?

Tom Bill Rodger Antonio

Who is Dirty Dan in Survival of the Idiots?

Spongebob Patrick Sandy Dan


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. i dont know anything about spongebo.its SO annoying!come to think of it,why did i EVEN TAKE THIS DUMB TEST.LOL !!!!! BYEBYE!!!!!!
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