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Test: MIAMI VICE triva

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Description: Basic knowledge about the tv series "Miami Vice"


What city did Ricardo work as a detective before Miami?

Los Angeles Chicago New York Boston

Lt. Castillo was the only person that Sonny and Rico worked for on the series. True or False

The 1st Detective Lieutenant Lou Rodriguez played by Gregory Sierra was killed in the 1st season, episode 4. Then he was replaced by Lt.Castillo played by Edward James Olmos. True False

What was Lieutenant Castillo's 1st name?

Jose Manuel Martin Pablo

True or False?At 1 time in the show, Crockett and the Lieutenant are shown in Lamborghinis.

Lt. Castillo is filmed driving home in a Lamborghini Jalpa and Crockett is filmed been chauffeured in a 4x4 Lamborghini LM002 SUV. Ferrari was upset by this since they donated two 1986 Ferrari Testarossas to NBC for production of the series. True False

What 80's music diva play's Sonny's wife Caitlin Davies in season 4?

Sheena Easton Madonna Whitney Houston Debbie Harry

Who were the surveillance experts on Miami Vice?

Lois and Clark Michael and Fiona Maverick and Goose Zito and Switek

What was the name Crockett's sailboat?

SS Minow the Left Hand St. Vitus' Dance the Britannic Carpe Diem

What is the names of the 2 female detectives in the vice unit?

Cagney and Lacey Rizzoli and Isles Joplin and Calabrese Wilson and Phillips

What cover alias does Ricardo usually go by?

Escobar Montelban Cooper Riviera

What cover alias does Sonny usually go by?

Burnett Smith Knight Cruise

How is Caitlin Davies's Character written off the show in 1987?

She goes on a long music tour. She is shot to death on stage. She is in Crockett's car when it blows up. She divorces Crockett.

Sonny's first name is not Sonny at all.

On the show he is referred to as James "Sonny" Crockett. True False

Who was the informant who helped the detectives on the show, who had fame later in such films as Jurassic Park,Get Shorty, Heat, to name a few?

Isidore "Izzy" Moreno was the criminal (mostly) turned informant, played by Martin Ferrero.Noogie was the name of another informant Noogie Lamont played by Charlie Barnett. Izzy Icepick Blackcat Huggybear Noogie

Miami Vice like other shows in the 80's was not successful in it's 1st season run. True or False?

It was actually nominated for 15 Emmy Awards in it's 1st season. True False

A Czech immigrant composed the theme music to Miami Vice.

Jan Hammer fled a Soviet invaded Czehoslovakia in 1968, and studied at Berkely College of Music in Boston, MA True False

What kind of car did Ricardo drive?

Porsche Lincoln Mercedes-Benz Cadillac

True or False?The TV series so influenced American pop culture that boat manufacturers bought into the Miami Vice popularity?

Both Endeavour and Wellcraft started producing boats that replicated those used on the show. Endeavour offered a 40' sailboat which was like the one Crockett lived on ($120,000). Wellcraft offered a Don Johnson Signature Series 43' Scarab Excel powered by twin 650-hp Lamborghini V12 engines ($300,000). True False

What year did Miami Vice debut?

1985 1984 1980 1986

Who are the stars of the show?

Hardcastle and McCorrmick Strarksy and Hutch Cagney and Lacey Crocket and Tubbs

What kind of car did the lead detective drive?

Daytona Spyder Lamborghini Countach Corvette Stingray Testarossa


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