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Test: Cory In The House Test

Category: TV

Description: The test made for Cory In The House fans!

Keywords: cory in the house quiz test

True Or False: Newt has a crush on Meena.

True False

True Or False: Ms. Samuels first name is Samantha.

True False

How old is the president's daughter?

7 8 9 10

When Chef Victor posed as a general, what was his name?

General Store General Stark General Baxter General Dixon

Can Sophie ride a bike?

With Training Wheels!!! Yes No

True Or False: Newt's mom is in the supreme court.

True False

Who did Sophie have a crush on?

Newt Cory Chef Victor

How many desserts did Ms. Samuels ask Cory to get in "Just Desserts"?

36 28 24 21

When the president went to the mall to buy some perfume, what did he use to disguise himself?

A mustache A beard A wig

Meena likes a boy with the initials C.B. Who is it?

Cory Baxter Craig Berkowitz Carson Bitterman

What is Newt's last name?

Livingston Thompson Jackson


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