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Test: Cory In The House Test

Category: TV

Description: The test made for Cory In The House fans!

Keywords: cory in the house quiz test

When Chef Victor posed as a general, what was his name?

General Store General Stark General Baxter General Dixon

How old is the president's daughter?

7 8 9 10

True Or False: Ms. Samuels first name is Samantha.

True False

Meena likes a boy with the initials C.B. Who is it?

Cory Baxter Craig Berkowitz Carson Bitterman

True Or False: Newt's mom is in the supreme court.

True False

When the president went to the mall to buy some perfume, what did he use to disguise himself?

A mustache A beard A wig

What is Newt's last name?

Livingston Thompson Jackson

Who did Sophie have a crush on?

Newt Cory Chef Victor

True Or False: Newt has a crush on Meena.

True False

How many desserts did Ms. Samuels ask Cory to get in "Just Desserts"?

36 28 24 21

Can Sophie ride a bike?

With Training Wheels!!! Yes No


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