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Test: American Idol Trivia

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Description: Test your American Idol knowledge.

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In which city did David Cooke audition?

Omaha San Diego Atlanta Philadelphia

What winner swept all 3 major music awards (American Music, Billboard, & Grammy Awards) in a single season?

Jennifer Hudson Kelly Clarkson Chris Daughtry Carrie Underwood

Who hosted season one of American Idol?

Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest & Brian Dunkleman Ryan Seacrest & Kristin Holt

Were auditions for American Idol ever held in St. Louis, Missouri?

Yes No

What year did Idol Gives Back begin?

2005 2006 2007 2008

Which contestant on American Idol went on to win an Academy Award?

Tamyra Gray Fantasia Clay Aiken Jennifer Hudson

What is the name of the band leader on American Idol?

Rickey Ricardo Rickey Major Rickey Minor Simon Fuller

What year did American Idol first air on Television?

2003 2002 2001 2000

In which country is American Idol not televised?

Ireland Pakistan Russia United Arab Emirates

Which contestant performed in the Broadway show The Color Purple?

LaKisha Jones Mandisa LaToya London Kimberley Locke

Which 3 season 7 contestants were born outside the United States?

Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Ramiele Malubay Carly Smithson, Ramiele Malubay, Jason Castro Michael Johns, Jason Castro, Ramiele Malubay Chikezie, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns

Which season 7 contestant performed on Star Search?

David Archuleta David Cooke Syesha Mercado Brooke White

Who were the final 4 contestants on Season 7?

David Cooke, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro David Cooke, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson David Cooke, David Archuleta, Jason Castro, Brooke White David Cooke, David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns

How many votes were cast for the Season 6 finale?

83 Million 74 Million 66 Million 58 Million

What contestant was the first non-winning contestant to have a US Hot 100 number one song?

Chris Daughtry Clay Aiken Kellie Pickler Bo Bice

Who was the 4th judge for portions of Season 2?

Angie Martinez Olivia Newton-John Carole Bayer Sager Jewel

What musical instrument is Randy Jackson famous for playing?

Bass Drums Keyboard Guitar

What was the name of the British show from which American Idol orginiated?

British Idol Pop Idol Idol Music Idol


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