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Test: the random test

Category: Sports

Description: random stuff


Who is known as the king of NASCAR and who is 2nd in cup wins behind him

Richard petty; Dale Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt: A.J. Foyt Lee Petty, Cale Yarbarrough Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon

Leading American Goal Scorer in the NHL

Chris Drury Eric Lindros Brett Hull Mike Modano

Most Watched Sport in THe USA

Football Soccer NASCAR Track

Which baseball player in the leads the AL in most home runs

Babe Ruth Barry Bonds Alex Rodriquez Mark McGuirre

Who is mike Tyson

Founder of Tyson products Boxer Announcer Football superstar

Which NFL team has the most Super Bow Wins

Dallas Cowboys New Engalnd Patriots San Fransisco 49er's Pittsburg Steelers Green Bay Packers Dallas,SanFransisco,Pittsburg Steelers PAtriots,PAckers,Cowboys

What is the Reacenty added team in thr NFL?

Texans Titans Ravens Giants

Who Was the first President to attend a NASCAR race?

George W. Bush Ronald Reagan Gerald Ford Bill Clinton

player who has Longest Kcik Return IN NFL

Devin Hester Roy Williams Ellis Hobbs Randy Moss

Did lance Armstrong win 7 straight tour de fracne's

Yes No