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Test: Martial Arts Knowledge

Category: Sports

Description: Test your knowledge of oriental martial arts

Keywords: Karate Judo Kendo Kung-fu Tae-Kwon-Do Chaun-Fa Shotokan Shudokan Goju Ryu

The five animals of Kung-Fu are?

Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Dragon, and Snake Bear, Monkey, Snake, Preying Mantis, and Dragon Monkey, Crane, Tiger, Preying Mantis, and Snake White Crane, Black Tiger, Flying Dragon, Green Mantis, and Red Monkey

In what country did Kung-Fu originate?

China Korea Okinawa Japan

In what country did Tae-Kwon-Do originate?

Korea Japan Okinawa China

Who founded Judo?

Jigoro Kano Kanken Toyama Gichen Funikoshi Morihei Ueshiba

Tae-Kwon-Do translates to _____.

Hard and Soft Art Young and Old Art Hand and Foot Art Fast and Slow Art

The "Tonfa" is a weapon derived from _____.

A Rice Mill Handle A Rice Flail An Oar A Pitchfork

In Traditional Kung-Fu the Dragon represents what attribute

Spirit Speed Power Cunning

Which of these is considered a "soft" system?

Tai Chi Chaun Hung Gar Shorin-ryu Tae-Kwon-Do

Ed Parker was a proponent of what style of martial art?

Kenpo Kendo Aikido Judo

Karate is mostly a hard martial art?

True False

In Traditional Kung-Fu the Leopard represents what attribute?

Speed Power Cunning Spirit

Chuck Norris originally trained in what style of martial arts?

Tang Soo Do Shotokan Kung-Fu Aikido

The weapon know and the "Kwan Dao" was created by who?

General Kwan Yu An unknown foot soldier Gichen Funikoshi Anko Itosu

The striking point for a "Seiken" is?

First two fore-knuckles Edge of foot Back of fist Elbow

Judo is a sport version of what other martial art?

Jujitsu Aikido Kung-Fu Karate

Bruce Lee once played which super heros sidekick?

Green Hornet Batman Green Lantern Charlie Chan

In what country did Shorin-ryu originate?

Okinawa Korea Japan China

Karate is an olympic sport?

True False

Shorin-Ryu translates to ____ system.

Young Pine Forrest Tiger Claw House of the ultimate way Hurricane

Goju-Ryu loosely translate to _____ karate?

Hard/Soft Fast/Slow Straight/Curved Internal/External

In what country did Shotokan originate?

Japan China Okinawa Korea

Who is widely accepted at the creator of the Pinan series of kata?

Anko Itosu Gichen Funikoshi Kanken Toyama Jigoro Kano

Bruce Lee created his own style that he called _____.

Jeet Kune Do Moo Du Kwan Chaun Fa Lee Do

Northern Kung-Fu consider a _____ style and puts more emphasis on _____ techniques than do most southern styles.

hard/kicking soft/punching internal/jumping external/rooting

Bill Wallace was primarily know for what ability?

Fast Kicking Powerful Punching One-finger pushups? Ki force

In traditional Kung-Fu the Tiger represents what attribute?

Power Speed Cunning Spirit

The "Nunchaku" was derived from a tool for ____ .

Beating the husks off of rice Loading hay onto wagons Milling rice Harvesting rice

Who is widely considered the father of modern karate?

Kanken Toyama Gichen Funakoshi Gogen Yamaguchi Tamo

According to legend who introduced the Shaolin Monks to martial arts exercises?

Gichen Funikoshi Bodhidharma Gogen Yamaguchi Bruce Lee

Tae-Kwon-Do is an olympic sport?

True False


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