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Test: Football

Category: Sports

Description: footy quiz


Who were the first club to win the premiership?

Manchester United Arsenal Newcastle Blackburn Chelsea

Steve Mclaren is a crap manager?

True False

FA Cup- Cardiff -0 Portsmouth -?

3 1 0- went to penaltys 6

name all three goalscorers in the champions league final in 1999?

Ballack Basler Babbel Yorke Solskjaer Sheringham Cole

How many times have manchester united won the FA cup?

8 9 10 11 12

Manchester City had a manager called joe rench?

True False

Name this player

Maradona Pele Messi Aguero

Who has won the Champions League the most times?

real madrid liverpool ac milan Manchester United

England's Manager is Fabian Capello. Yes or No?

Yes No

Who is the longest still existing english club?

Coventry Preston QPR Tottenham Man City