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Test: the non-sterotipical gay test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: not a sterotipical gay test


if you have seen same sex porn what do you think about it?

i like it i'll never watch it again its all i watch i've never seen same sex porn

if your a male, have you ever slipped a finger up your butt while jerking off?

yes no i'm gonna go try it why the hell would i do that i'm a female

do you feel confortable being naked in a locker room?

yes no i never get naked in front of others

have you ever touched a ***** that isn't your own, or a vagina that isn't your own

yes no not yet never have never will

have you ever seen same sex porn?

i'm a guy and i've seen gay porn i'm a guy and ONLY watch male to female porn i'm a women and seen lesbian porn i'm a women and ONLY watch male to female porn

do you think your gay?

yes no maybe

do you think having sex witha member of the same sex is omething your willing to try?

yes yes yes hell no maybe if it is with the right person

have you ever tried to get your male or female friend naked in a non sexual way jusst to see them naked

same sex male same sex female male to female female to male

how old are you?

10-15 15-20 20-25 25-+

have you ever got a boner in an locker room shower from seeing other boys naked

yes no i wait until everyone else is out i'm a female

do you think gay guys or lesbians couples should be able to get married?

yes no


the higher your score is the gayer you are
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