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Test: r u retarded

Category: Self Assessment

Description: duhh find out if you are retarded


yes your not a retard

Yes No

you are not not retarded

True False

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a toostie pop

one two three --crunch-- uhm 24 how am i suppose to kno gmmm dr der de da goo

if you are my brothers sisters kids kids who are they to me

i dont kno ask them i dont kno ur family great grandson/dougter great neice/nefew

are you smart enough to answer this correctly

Yes No

repeat after me i am sofa king re todd edd i am sofa king re todd edd now do you feel retarded

yes no wtf ba ba ba ba baaaaa im lovin it

sallys father has 4 kids pennie nickle and dime what is the fourth childs name

tom quarter sally dollar

what is one plus one

2 3 poo gooberfloppedy


I think it is good test. I ansered all question. Now i wait for result, you can send it to me? I will see in next week. This week is holidays, i don't not see mail in holidays.
R U Retarde?


U Retarde?