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Test: r u a gutta chick

Category: Self Assessment

Description: c how u do


if yo man asked u to fight u him would u

yes no maybe he on his own

if yo man get cought would u tell on him

no yes i would sing lke a bird

do u have a man

yes no maybe boy r gross

if yo man ask u to kill sum1 would u

yes 4 him no he own his onw maybe

r u independent

yes no maybe datz y i got a man

if yo friends dont like him would u stay with him

yes no **** dat nigga

how much do u love yo man

with all my heart a lil not at all

if yo man did sumthang wrong like cheat or lie to u would u say by his side

yes no maybe hell no

if u answered yes is yo man real

yes no maybe idk

if he asked u to have his baby n u still a teen would u

yes no im too young