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Test: am i cute

Category: Self Assessment

Description: the am i cute test will help you disid if you cute or if you are ugly so TAKE THE TTEST

Keywords: test

if you heng around ugly girls you look pretty

True False

when you where little did pepole tell you that you where pretty/cute

Yes No not relly kind of

is it a good thing to keep your hair down or in a ponytaill ALL the time

True False

do you think that you have a too big of a nose for your face you

go th the doc and get a new nose forget about it cry about it let it go keep talking about it

do you think your pretty/cute

True False both

when you get up in the morning you

take a bath and get you makeup on pick some nice clothing and wash your face get the best shoes to weir for the day all of the above

if you got a blemish you

wash your face panic pop the pimple forget about it


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