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Test: Would you survive a zombie outbreak?

Category: Self Assessment

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It is best to defend bases in?

Small crowds Large crowds

Best way to travel

Walk Bicycle Car Motorbike Unicycle

Can dr tran defeat all zombies in less than a second?

totally hes awesome NEVUR maybe I dunno

Which place is best to hide in?

Dustbin Costco Greggs Asda

Grenades are?

Useful Very bad weapons Good for crowds Not as good as plasma grenades

If you get bit what do you do?

Try to kill as many zombies as possible Kill yourself Carry on as normal Bite the zombie that bit you

Weapon of choice?

Hunting knife Katana Butchers knife Firemans axe

Best knife is.

Big and smooth edged Big and jagged edged Small and smooth edged Small and jagged edged

Best way to enter a room.

Kick the door down Knock and listen for noise Call out then enter Run in and shoot everything

Can people who are zombies remember things from before they were zombies?

no yes

Which is best to barracade windows with?

Wood Bubble wrap Glass Sheet of metal TV

It is best to travel at?

Day Night

It is best to travel in?

Small crowds Large crowds

Gun of choice?

Shotgun Sniper Grenade launcher Desert eagles smg Crossbow

Which place would have least amount of zombies?

Countryside City Village Town

You find drugs. you...

Sniff it all. Smoke it Inject it. Throw it away

Zombies break into your base. You ...

Kill them all Run away screaming like a girl Surrender Try to repair barracade

You find some beer. you...

Have a party Throw it at zombies. Let zombies drink it Throw it away

Do zombies eat each other?

yes no

You find a surviver and hes bit. you ..

Kill him. He will turn into one of them. Let him into your base. Give him supplies and let him go. Give him a weapon.

Which food is best?

Tinned Pastry Vegetables Meat Cheese


ha ha wta kind of test is this. take some time ok. Ha ha i got ur badge o my who do you think u r zsombies yh u r but dont lower them 2 u lol
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