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Test: "Think Hard" Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Think your smart, take this test.

Keywords: smart, dumb test retard stupid blonde the duh think

Is your mom not not not not not not not not not not an astronaut.

Unless your mom really is an astronaut there is 10 nots and that means that she is not. Yes No Maybe No she is not not not not

If you dig a hole 39'x17'x4', how much dirt is in it?

If you dig a hole there is no dirt in it! Duh! Yes 2652 None You can't did a hole without a shovel 2552

You are stupid.

True False We will find out

Does England celebrate the Fourth of July?

Yes No I am not stupid, all countrys have a fourth of july.


I got all the answers right and I got "Unknown Rank." What is that supposed to mean? Oh well, atleats I know that I'm smart... Kind of weird test. :D xoxo