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Test: The Popularity Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are you popular or a geek? Take this test and find out if you are HOT or NOT!!!


How much is your car?

Please, my Ferrari is over 150,000! My car is about 30,000. My car is a piece of crap!!! What car?

What kind of grades do you get in school?

Straight A's. I'm a genius! A's-B's. I'm pretty smart. B's-C's. I'm not that into grades. D's-Worse. I'm a complete loser!!!

How many days of the week do you go out?

3+ 2 1 0

How many friends do you have?

0-5 6-25 26-50 More than 50

Are you hot?

Baby, I'm steaming!!! 10+ I'm a 7 I'm average, maybe a 5 I'm uuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!!!

How often do you date? (If married put previous dating average)

I'm dating all the time! (5-6 days per week) Usually 2 or 3 times per week Hardly ever. Once or twice a month. What's a date?

Do you think you are popular?

Excuse me? Yeah!!! Kinda... I dunno... Not really...


wud up doe!
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