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Test: The Genius Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Do you think you are a genius? Take this test to find out.

Keywords: genius test quiz exam smart

Hand is to gauntlet as sword is to _______.

sheeth hip arm strike

37 degrees Celsius = ? Fahrenheit

0 32 98.6 212

How many bones does an adult human have?

106 188 206 212

If you had 50 common U.S. coins that added up to a dollar, how many dimes would you have?

0 2 5 8

Through which does light travel the fastest through?

Air Water Quartz crystals Diamond It is always the same, the speed of light is a constant

Whale is to calf as swan is to:

cygnet poult swanlet chick

Mixing yellow and blue make?

Red Orange Purple Green

100 - 9 * 2 = ?

0 82 91 111

The average human body requires at least how many calories each day?

1200 1800 2000 2200

Water boils at what temperature (Celsius)?

0 100 212 273

A device which emits coherent light radiation is called:

an LED a fluorescent light an incandescent bulb a laser

Jupiter is the largest terrestrial planet it our solar system.

Earth is. True False

Avogadro's number is:

6.0221415 × 10<super>23</super> 9.8 x 10<super>24</super> 5280 3.14

You flip an ordinary coin 10 times and it lands on heads each time (it is not a trick or weighted coin). What is the probability the coin will land on tails on the 11th flip?

0% 50% 90% 100%

Euler's number is:

x e i n

sin(90°) = ?

0 1 180 360

How many hairs are on the average person's head?

50,000 100,000 250,000 1,000,000

How many times a day do the hour and minute hands on a clock line up exactly with each other?

6 12 22 24

The fourth digit after the decimal in "pi" is what?

1 3 4 5

An object reaches terminal velocity when the downward force of gravity equals the upward force of drag.

True False


Sorry if it sounded like I was being smart mouthy because I don't (don't really does mean don't) mean to be. You're welcome. :) Are you sure an adult human has 208 bones? Because I was always taught that it had 206. Though I could be wrong since I'm only twelve.
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