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Test: Texas Drivers License Practice Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Department Of Public Safety Written Driver's Test

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Relevant Website: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/

What is the shape of a "Keep Right" sign.

Octogon Vertical Rectangle Pennant Diamond

On a one-way street, what color is the broken lane marker?

Red Yellow Blue White

What does a "Do Not Pass" sign mean?

You cannot proceed beyond this point Do not pass another vehicle until you pass this sign Do not pass another vehicle until told otherwise Pass with extreme caution

Which of the following types of restrictions cannot be placed on your license?

W Power steering D Not to exceed 45 MPH T Automatic transmission E No expressway driving L No Left-Hand Turns

The yield sign tells you that the road you are on joins with another road ahead. You should slow down or stop if necessary so that you can yield the right-of-way to vehicles on the other road.

True False

What should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with standard transmission?

Coast in neutral Press and hold the clutch Use lower gear Use higher gear

Within how many feet of a crosswalk may you park, when parking near a corner?

8 feet 10 feet 15 feet 20 feet

What should you do if you damage an unattended vehicle?

Leave a copy of your driver's license and proof of insurance under the driver's side wiper blade Locate the owner of the vehicle or leave a note with contact information and a description of the accident Check if anyone noticed the accident and decide if you can safely flee the scene unnoticed Wait 15 minutes for the owner to show up, if he does not arrive you may leave the scene

When two cars meet at the intersection of a two-lane road with a four-lane road, which one must yield the right-of-way?

The car on the two-lane road The car on the four-lane road

When are accident reports required?

For every accident Everytime that property damage occurs When death or property damage $1,000 (or more) has occurred When any of the involved drivers are under the age of 21

In what direction should you turn your wheels when parking uphill without a curb?

Leave them straight To the left To the right

Once the brakes have been applied, about how many feet does a car which was going 70 mph travel before it comes to a stop?

288 feet 387 feet 404 feet 541 feet

Describe the types of equipment which Texas state law specifically forbids on passenger cars driven within the state.

A bell, siren, or exhaust whistle A muffler cutout Red lights on the front of the vehicle All of the above

At what time of the day should your headlights be turned on?

Between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise When persons or vehicles cannot be seen clearly for at least 1,000 feet When it is dark enough to require lighted assistance to improve visibility All of the above

About how many feet will the average driver going 50 mph travel from the moment he sees danger until he hits the brakes?

44 feet 66 feet 88 feet 110 feet

What is the state speed limit for automobiles in urban districts?

15 MPH 30 MPH 35 MPH 45 MPH

What should be the driver's reaction to this sign?

Slow down and use caution, narrow bridge ahead Pass on right-hand shoulder only Merge left, your lane is ending soon Slow-down, speed bump ahead

How much is the maximum fine for a first conviction of driving without a license?

$200 $500 $1000 $2500

When is it necessary to stop before proceeding when you overtake a school bus loading or unloading children?

When it is stopped When it is displaying alternately flashing red lights At all railroad crossings During school hours

If you are driving and hear a siren coming, what should you do?

Move over to the left edge of the road and slow down Slow down and use caution Continue but be sure not to block traffic Pull over to the right edge of the road and stop

What is the purpose of an exhaust emission system?

To emit toxic exhaust into the atmosphere To provide enough "back pressure" for the engine to operate To muffle the sound of the engine To help reduce air pollution

What is the minimum age at which you can get a Class C driver license without either driver education or being a hardship case?

15 16 17 18

Does a posted speed limit of 55 mph mean that you may drive 55 mph on that highway under all conditions?

Yes No

Any unrestricted licensed driver may teach another driver, regardless of age.

The teacher must be a licensed driver, at least 21 years of age and has had at least one year driving experience and who is occupying the seat beside the driver. True False

What action should you take if you fail to receive the renewal notice card reminding you that your driver license is about to expire?

No action is required, the renewal is automatic It is still up to you to renew your license Contact DPS as soon as possible You must retake your written test

What should you do if you discover you are in the wrong lane to make a turn as you enter an intersection?

Signal and move into the correct lane Continue through the intersection without turning Use a hand signal as you turn Pump the brakes to raise attention as you turn

What is the first thing that should be done when a car starts to skid?

Take your foot off the gas pedal Downshift (use lower gear) Check your rear-view mirror Tap the gas pedal and then pump the brakes

How should you react when a traffic officer tells you to do something which is ordinarily considered to be against the law?

Perform a citizen's arrest of the officer Call 911 to report the incident Do not follow the order, obey known laws only You must follow the order

You should never drive on the left half of the roadway when you are within how many feet from an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing?

100 feet 125 feet 150 feet 200 feet

What you should do if you have a blowout while driving?

Take foot off gas pedal, apply brakes gently and steer straight Pump the brakes firmly and steer off to the shoulder quickly Drive on the shoulder until you reach a safe place to change the tire Use the emergency brake until the vehicle comes to a complete stop


Thanks for the practice test it was very helpful thank you again. The test is challenging. Just when you thought you knew it all. Its good to review and take the practice tests just to keep updated as certain laws change. For, instance I was unaware of the rule as it applies to minors and fines and all the penalties that are accessed to individuals who get caught for DWI. Wow! why should we all half to take the test all over/..... good practice
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