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Test: How Thrifty Are You?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: This test will determine how thrifty you are, a good habit in these economic times.

Keywords: cheap thrifty economy save money crisis finance financial stock market

Do you alter your driving habits to conserve fuel?

Yes No

Do you use coupons at the grocery store?

Yes No

How many times a week do you go out for dinner at a restaurant?

5+ 3-4 2 0-1

When grocery shopping do you select store / generic brand products?

Yes No

Do you have premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime or Cinemax?

Yes No

Would you be caught dead wearing non-designer clothing?

Yes No

Do you drive a vehicle which you purchased new?

Yes No

Is your cell-phone an iPhone, gPhone or Blackberry?

Yes No

Do you bring a packed lunch to work?

Yes No


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Thrifty Are You Assessment