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Test: California Driver's License

Category: Self Assessment

Description: A sample test for the DMV Driver License

Keywords: california driver's license, california dmv

Relevant Website: dmv.ca.org

Which of the following is true about safety belts and collisions?

they increase your chances of survival in most types of collisions they decrease your chances of surival in most types of collisions they will choke you in a collision who cares, seat belts are lame

You are driving in the far right lane of a four-lane freeway and notice thick broken white lines on the left side of your lane, you are driving in

far left lane about to merge with freeway traffic an exit lane get ready to stop and park

For which of the following traffic lights must you always stop your vehicle?

solid red lights, yellow flashing lights, and diamond shaped signs solid red lights, flashing red lights, and blacked out traffic signals yellow flashing lights, yield signs, and red traffic lights green lights, yield signs, and yellow lights

If you are not able to see the road ahead while driving because of heavy fog and your wipers do not help, you should

call 911 pull of the road completely until visibility improves slow down and try to wing it turn on your high beams and increase your speed

What is the illegal limit for a person's blood alcohol content, 21 years of older

0.06 or six hundredths of one percent 0.04 or four hundredths of one percent 0.10 0.08 or eight hundredths of one percent

Who has the right of way at an intersection with no crosswalks?

pedestrians always have the right of way you do if you get there first the car coming towards you does whoever gets there first

You are on a two way road and the vehicle ahead of you is turning left into a driveway, you may legally pass on the right if

there are no other cars in sight there is no pavement there is enough road between the curb and the vehicle the roads are dry

You park your car at the curb on a level two way street, before getting out of your car you should

look for pedestrians look for cars or bikes on the traffic side of your vehicle look for wildlife animals that may be crossing the road look for police officers so that you don't get a ticket

When sharing the road with a light rail vehicle

never turn in front of an approaching light rail vehicle slow down and keep a distance from the light rail vehicle honk your horn and drive beside the light rail vehicle call a friend

Even if yo know your vehicle can maneuver a sharp curve at the legal speed limit, you should still slow down because

it's good manners it's not necessary because the book says so there may be a stalled car or a collision ahead you cannot see

You are getting ready to make a right turn, you should

signal during the last 300 feet before you turn signal quickly and then increase your speed signal during the last 100 feet before you turn singal during the last 250 feet before you turn

Who's responsibility is it to know how your medications will affect your driving?

yours your doctor your spouse no one

You must notify DMV within how many days if you sell or transfer your vehicle?

15 days 3 days 5 days 10 days

Which statement is true about motorcyclists and motorists?

motorcyclists always have the right of way motorcyclists and motorists do NOT have the same rights/responsibilities motorcyclists have the same rights/responsibilities as other motorists Both A and B

When you change or merge with another lane, you

need at least a 4 second gap in traffic need at least a 8 second gap in traffic speed up as fast as you can slow down to a stop

You are driving at night on a dimly lit street and using high beams, you should dim your lights when you are within 500 feet of

a vehicle passing you by a tractor coming towards you a vehicle approaching you from behind a stop sign

You are crossing an intersection and an emergency vehicle is appraoching with a siren and flashing lights, you should

pull to the left in the intersection and stop slow down and try to get a look at the driver pull to the right in the intersection and stop call 911 and ask if there is anything you can do to help

When parking uphill on a two way street with no curb, your front wheels should be

turned to the right , away from the street turned to the left, towards the street parallel to the street, since there is no curb park anyway you like

If a driver looks like he or she is going to pull out on front of you, the safest thing to do is

slow or stop your car and use your horn stop and turn to the right increase the speed so he doesn't have room to pass speed up and honk continuously until the other driver is out of the way

When approaching a cross walk where a blind pedestrian is waiting to cross, you must stop

and park on the right side of the curb honk continuously until the passenger is out of the way at the crosswalk and wait for the pedestrian to cross the street drive around the passenger

You are crossing an intersection and an emergency vehicle is approaching with a siren and flashing lights. You should

immediately stop in the intersection continue through the intersection, pull to the right and stop speed up through the intersection and quickly flee the scene call a friend and ask them what they're having for dinner

It is illegal for a person 21 years of age or older to drive with a blood alcohol content that is _____ or higher

0.07 0.8 0.9 0.08

You must notify law enforcement and make a written report of traffic accident occuring in CA (SR1) to DMV if

if the damages are less than 300 dollars you are involved in a collision and there is a death any time no exception never, it is not necessary

When a traffic signal is not working at an intersection you should

come to complete stop and then proceed when it is safe yield and see if it is safe to continue honk your horn to notify any other drivers you are driving through call 911

If you approach a curve at the top of a hill and you do not have a clear view of the road ahead, you should

speed up and quickly get out of the danger zone slow down so you can stop if necessary completely stop and scan the area before proceeding speed up and don't stop

You are on a two way road and the vehicle ahead of you is turning left into a driveway, you may legally pass on the right if

if there is no other vehicle in sight if there is enough road between the curb and the vehicle if the driver is too slow never

If you have a green light, but traffic is blocking the intersection you should

ease your way into the intersection and look out for hazards stay out of the intersection and wait until traffic clears slowly drive past all the traffic honk your horn continuously until the other drivers move

When driving behind a large tour bus you should

keep a two second distance allow extra space in front of your vehicle speed up and try to quickly pass the buss slow down to a stop


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