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Test: Are You Stupid?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are you?

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How many 200 pound men would have to stand on a 35 year old's femer before it would break?

21 1 3 11 17

True Or False: Human babies have more bones than adults.

True False

How much of the 71 percent of earth's water is salt water?

71 93 88 None are correct

What is the average human IQ?

100 110 111 101

How many sides and corners does a pentagon have?

5 10 8 6

How many hairs does the average human have on their head?

100,000 50,000 75,000 1,000,000

On average how many hairs fall out of your head a day?

80 50 30 10

True Or False: 100 degrees Celsius is hotter than 210 degrees Farenheit.

True False

Peach is to hcaep as 17935 is to________.

53971 53791 17935 53917

Our sun is a _______-sized star.

Small Medium Large

Water boils at what temperature? (Farenheit)

212 100 198.6

True Or False: No matter how many colors you use, you can't make the color blue.

True False


I almost was stewpid!!! Six weeks ago I couldn't even spell stewpid, now I are one!!! :)
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