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Test: Are You An Idiot?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: The Idiot test made by the head Idiot himself.

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28 is to 4 as 27 is to____.

3 8 9.00 None of the answers are correct

What is the average human IQ?

100 111 110 120

What is a baby kangeroo?

Joey Kid Calf

Peach is to hcaep as 17935 is to________.

53971 17935 53791 17935

Which is most closly related to Arrogant?

Don't believe me? Look it up. Impertinent Stupid Abuse Outrage

True Or Flase: A Supergiant Blue star in the contellation of Orian is called a Rigel.

True False

True Or False: No matter what colors you mix, you can't make the color blue.

True False

True Or False: 100 degrees Celsius is hotter than 210 degrees Farenheit.

True False

True Or False: A female horse is called a mare.

True False

How many hairs are on the average person's head?

75,000 100,000 500,000 1,000,000


finally, i passed this test. does it qualify me as an ididit?
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