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Test: Am I a nerd?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Find out if you are a nerd/geek/neek...


How often do you attempt extension work?

Always Every so often Never There's extension work?!

Would you rather work or go out at the week ends?

Work Go out Both

Have you ever been to a gym more than twice?

Yes, of course Yes No I hate gyms

Do you play a team sport?

Yes, more than 1 Yes, 1 No, I hate sport

How often do you stay behind after class to ask a question?

At least 3 times a week Once a week Never

Have you ever kissed a girl? (or boy if you are a girl)

Yes, loads Once Never Im gay / lesbian

What were your grades last year?

A* - A B - C D - F 0 (or N/A)


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