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Test: Am I a nerd?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Find out if you are a nerd/geek/neek...


How often do you attempt extension work?

Always Every so often Never There's extension work?!

Do you play a team sport?

Yes, more than 1 Yes, 1 No, I hate sport

Have you ever been to a gym more than twice?

Yes, of course Yes No I hate gyms

Have you ever kissed a girl? (or boy if you are a girl)

Yes, loads Once Never Im gay / lesbian

What were your grades last year?

A* - A B - C D - F 0 (or N/A)

How often do you stay behind after class to ask a question?

At least 3 times a week Once a week Never

Would you rather work or go out at the week ends?

Work Go out Both


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