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Test: jassil jamal

Category: Science

Description: super quiz

Keywords: science

Relevant Website: www.google.com

a cat has how much muscules in its each ear?

45 32 15 5

a dragonfly has how much hours lifetime?

48 24 72 45

which is the biggest flower?

hibiscus lotus frosnes rafflesia

a jelly fish has how much percentage of water in is body?

65 75 35 95

who was the man who had hiccups for 6 years?

charles osborn charles osfor charles oben carles ****ens

a rat can survive without water more than a camel can.

True False

how much money did the movie titanic spent to make the movie?

200 million 105 million 207 crore 215 crore

how much time does the a hedgehogs heart beat n one minute?

400 250 300 490