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Test: Missouri Forestry Tool ID

Category: Science

Description: tree tool id


A Bark Gauge is used to find the number of good trees in a 1/10 acre plot.

True False

A Clinometer is used to find eather the hight of a tree or the slop of a hill.

True False

What is a bark guage used for?

testing the thickness of the bark testing for water in the tree testing to see where water is under ground testing to see where the roots are

What is a Peavy-Canthook used for?

Rolling logs Testing the humidity in the air Planting a tree Clipping limbs off of a tree

What is a Digital Data Recorder used for?

Finding your score on the test you took this morning Recording data so that you or your reserch assastent can acess it from their computer Looking through to see what trees are good and what trees are bad Starting controled burn to clear brush from your field

When finding how many logs are in a tree, you should stand how far away from the tree?

50 in 50 ft 25 in 25 ft

What item(s) are a necessity when using a chainsaw?

GPS Unit Broom Rake Safety Glasses Sling Psychrometer

What is the Scale Stick used for?

Finding your hight Finding the amount of water in your Backpack Water Pump Finding the diameter of a cut log Finding the number of logs that are recieved at the saw mill

A scale stick is used to find both the DBH of a tree and how many logs are in a tree.

True False

A GPS Unit and a Digital Data Recorder are the same thing.

True False

A Drip Torch uses a ratio of Diesle:Gas, is there more diesle than gas?

Gas explodes when it gets hot, diesle burns. Yes No

The Biltmore Stick can be used like D-Tape.

True False

The Stereoscope is used to do what?

Look at trees Make topographic maps look 3D Read a book Improve your vision

You should hold the biltmore stick ________ in. from your eye when measuring the dbh of the tree.

50 25 1 25000

An increment borer is a tool that has two pieces, one is drilled into the tree to the center and the other is pulled out after it is drilled in to get a core sample from the tree.

True False

How to spell either?

eather eather eather either if u spell it right unlike the author of this


this game is retarted all it askes about is trees its a waist of your time but if your really bored i guess you could pley this game
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