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Test: snake test

Category: Reptiles

Description: what it says on the tin


snakes which feed primarily on birds are said to be...

Ophiophagous ornithophagous euphryphagous

What is the fastest recorded snake?

Dendroaspis polylepis Coluber constrictor Crotalus cerastes Naja nigricollis

What type of dentition do members of Viperidae have?

solenoglyphous proteroglyphous aglyphous opisthoglyphous

Only scientists are permitted onto the Brazilian island Ilha de Queimada Grande due to the high density of which snake?

Bothrops alternatus Bothrops insularis Bothrops jararaca Bothrops asper

Boas and Pythons' eyes contain both rods and cones.

True False

The genus Naja contains all the spitting cobras?

True False

which of these genera is NOT monotypic?

Deinagkistrodon Hemachatus Tropidolaemus Ophiophagous

which group of snakes diverged earliest in colubroid evolution?

Viperidae Colubridae Elapidae Atractaspididae

Bitis rhinoceros occurs sympatrically in Nigeria with which snake?

Bitis nasicornis Bitis gabonica Bitis parviocula Bitis worthingtoni

what muscles close a snake's jaw?

glandulae compressor muscles depressor muscles Pterygoid elevator muslces Adductor muscles

Which is the most southern-most species of snake?

Acanthophis antarcticus Notechis ater Coluber constrictor Bothrops ammodytoides


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