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Test: who do you really love

Category: Relationship

Description: take this test to see if you really love your boyfriend husband dad mom girlfriend or wife

Keywords: love

Relevant Website: who do you love quiz

is it true or false that you love to be with someone

True False i dont know im not with someone

do you want a divorce or breakup with the person you are with

Yes No i donno maybe im not with someone

true or false that you love your whole family

True False my family died

will you date me if you were dating

i am agirl so boys tell the truth girls im not gay ewww yes definaly no of course not maybe let me see you

true or false do you say i love you to the people you care about everyday

True False

can you date someone when you are dating someone else

Yes No

what is your favorite color

pink blue black other

how old are you

10 13 15 18+ other i dont wanna say

did you take this quiz for no reason or to see who you really love then answer who you think you really love the most

what one i wanted to see who i really love i did it for no reason mom dad brother sister cousin step something step father wife husband boyfriend girlfriend none of the above all of the above

do you think this test is dumb

Yes No


sorry peps i tried to do this test normaly so i was in a rush so some queistions may not make sense so just go with the flow