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Test: is he really mad at you (GIRLS ONLY)

Category: Relationship

Description: is he mad????at you????

Keywords: mad

Relevant Website: sometests.com

do you think he loves you??

Yes No

do you ever get mad at him?

Yes No

LAST ONE... does he understand you and listen to you when your trying to tell him sorry or explain what happened?

i wish...:// yes noooooo yea right.

when you go up to him does he tell you why hes mad at you?

no DUHH why would i care sometimes

is he all over you then he is all over someone else?

Yes No

does he flirt with other girls to make you jelous?

yeppp but it doesnt bother me, he does it all the time. no YES ALOT!!!!! MAYBE A COUPLE OF TIMES

does he walk away and ignore you when you want to talk to him?

yes :// no sometimes idk who cares

do you think he wont be mad the next day?

Yes No


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