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Test: how gay are you

Category: Relationship

Description: this test is about if people is gay

Keywords: gay

would yo have sex with a cousin

True False

are you vegentarian

Yes No

did you dream with brad pitt

Yes No maybe

what is you favoerite tv show

oprah family guy the simpson terra

did you like to draw *****

yes no

what is you favorite color

red orange pink yellow

would you like to have sex with a

friends famous people family not of all

what sport did you like

wrestling football soccer tennis

when you see you friends did you dreams his ****

Yes No yes

did you have dream of you having sex with a man

True False

what eyes color did you have

brown blue green black

are you racism

True False

if i pay you $100 dollar do have sex would you accept

yes no maybe pay more and i have sex with you..

are you in sport

Yes No

when you are changing clothes in gym did you see the body of you friends

True False true

would you like to have sex with brad pitt

Yes No

you enjoy look other man bodies

Yes No

didyou like to seea man naked

True False

where would you live to live

u.s.a europe paris china

did you like ice cream

True False

what did you like more cat or dog

cat dog both neither of both


Um, anyone know why it's all in past tense, or grammatically incorrect? this is reli bad *****hhhhhh this website is fuxkin gayyy mutha ****ersss
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